CS-Cart Development

See our CS-Cart addons.

We offer a full range of custom development services for CS-Cart based online stores.
The services includes the following:
- CS-Cart development, custom development
- CS-Cart modules development
- CS-Cart design, custom design integration services
- CS-Cart template creation

Request a quote and describe your project details. Our specialists will help you to define all the necessary points of the specification. Our hourly rate for the CS-Cart development services is USD 28.


How does it work?

  1. You send an email with a detailed description of a feature you need for your online store.
  2. We ask additional questions if any. Then, if everything is clear to us we estimate the complexity of the work and send you the price.
  3. You pay for your order and after that we start the development.
  4. After the feature is ready we deploy it on our test server and send you an email with a link to it.
  5. You let us know if everything is fine or something needs to be adjusted.
  6. We polish the feature according to your comments and install it to your live store.

CS-Cart Addons

CS-Cart Help Desk Addon
CS-Cart Help Desk Connection Addon

CS-Cart addon for connecting the Re:Desk help desk system to CS-Cart store. It is an essential feature to organize an efficient support for the customers of your store. This CS-Cart help desk addon will help you with this purpose perfectly and in the easiest way...

Facebook Connection Module


The Facebook add-on allows to add the "like" and "send to friend" buttons to the product details page as well as Facebook comments and "like us on Facebook" box with Facebook people who liked you. You can this box and follow button anywhere to your site via "Block Manager" section...

GX-Slideshow Banner


The GX-Slideshow rotator banner module is a CS-Cart jQuery addon which allows you to create and manage graphic and text-based dynamic banners. The idea is quite simple: you create a set of banners (graphic and/or text-based) using the standard CS-Cart add-on "Banners"...

Image Popup Previewer


No core affection, Fully managed through the CS-Cart admin area, Major browsers compatible, Admin setting parameters (re-sizing feature, behavior and etc.), Hooks based CS-Cart addon, Easy to install, Readme file included...

CS-Cart Javascript Slideshow Banner


Banner Features: Flexible Images Slideshow Banner, Feature of adding more images to the banner, Different slideshow effects (slideleft/right, fadeout, slideup etc.) and other settings (switching pause, speed etc.), Stylish...