General Questions

Can I pay with Paypal? Yes. Exactly via PayPal payment you will be granted IMMEDIATE access to the product downloading.

When is my template available for download? All the templates are available for immediate download after PayPal payment.
In case of 2Checkout payment method, there is some delay between purchasing and downloading (usually 7-30 min). In some special cases it takes more time.
Details for downloading will be e-mailed to the address you specified during the checkout process.

I see "The download link is expired or is not ready due to the verification" message in my download section. Most probably, you have just purchased the template (or other product) via 2Checkout payment method and your order is passing verification step. Please, be patient. Details for download will be e-mailed to the address you specified during the checkout process usually within 7-30 minutes. In some special cases it takes more time.
Another case is expired period of downloading. According to our upgrade policy your download links will be active during 12 (twelve) months for Zen Cart themes and 6 (six) months for CS-Cart themes, if you do not purchase any prolongation option.

I ordered a template but haven't received the download information. Check your spam filter settings to ensure you are able to receive email from the 12leaves.com. In case there is no email in the spam section, send us a message. Please note, there is a delay due to the order verification step (usually 10-30 min).

Is it possible to reactivate my download link if it was deactivated after 6 (six) months? Yes. According to our Upgrade Policy, in case you want to prolong the downloading period to additional 6 (six) months manually (by contacting us), it will cost $35 USD. Please contact us and we will send you the information.

Can I change the pictures in the slideshow home page banner and put my own pictures instead? Yes, you can. Read the instructions included in the template package.

Is the license a one-time fee payment? Yes, the payment for your template is a one-time fee without any additional charges. After purchasing you may use the template as many times as you need for one website.

Zen Cart Templates

Can I change all the settings of your Zen Cart themes via admin area? Yes, we do not cut or touch any default Zen Cart functionality, so you will be able to use all the settings of admin area for our themes in the same way as you can do it for default Zen Cart template.

Can I update any banners of the template with my own? Yes, you can create your own banner and paste it instead of current banners via admin area or any FTP client.

How easy it is to change the banners? All the banners you can edit via Zen Cart admin area with ease. You have to upload new images via any FTP client only for the JavaScript dynamic banners, but all the settings for all banners you can edit via admin area. All necessary instructions are included to the paid template packages.

Can I enable Credit Cards and PayPal payment methods on checkout? Yes, all our themes support any payment modules that default Zen Cart supports. We do not touch any default Zen Cart functionality.

"Extras" -> "Template Set" is not showing after the template installation as described in the README file. Please, read the "Note" section of the readme file or the same section of the installation instructions in our blog.

How can I change the Logo, Logo alternate (hover) text, remove the "Designed by 12leaves.com" bottom link? All necessary instructions are included to the paid templates (readme file).
Please note, you are not allowed to paste the "Designed by Yourcompany" bottom link instead of "Designed by 12leaves.com" for any of the templates.

The header (or other) titles do not display correctly after installation. Q:"I keep seeing things like HEADER_SHOPPING_CART_EMPTY, TOP_MENU_NEW_PRODUCTS, TOP_MENU_SPECIALS, etc, after the template is installed."

For some reason languages files are missed or files permissions are wrong. Please, make sure that you copied all the files from unpacked zip archive to your Zen Cart installation. Also, please check the permissions for the files in the "includes/languages" directory (it should be set as 755 or 777). We suggest you reinstall the template according to instruction that is included to the template package (readme file).

The bottom or other titles do not display correctly on another language. Q:"I see things like TITLESCONTACT_INFOQUICKLINKSINFORMATIONCUSTOMER_SERVICE and etc., or TOP_MENU_SPECIALS and etc. when I switch the store to another language."

According to the Zen Cart architecture now you have the language file for the bottom (or other section) only in English language. You should copy all the folders and files that are located in the "language/english" folders to your language folder names and after that translate the content of these files to the language you installed.

How can I change the to menu links add a new menu item to the top navigation (Home, New Products, Specials, Featured Products, etc.)? You should edit "includes/templates/TEMPLATE_VARIATION/templates/tpl_top_nav.php" file.

How can I change the titles of the top navigation (Home, New Products, Specials Featured Products, etc.) text? You should edit "includes/languages/english/YOUR_TEMPLATE/header.php" file. The responsive themes do not have this file, so you can create any new language variable for the menu item and place it to there.

How can I edit/delete "Welcome" text from the home page? You should go to the "Tools -> Define Pages Editor" section of your Zen Cart admin area and choose "define_main_page.php" file in the selectbox. Edit or remove the text in the appeared text area and click to the "Save" button.
In some cases you should edit "includes/languages/english/YOUR_TEMPLATE/index.php" file.

I don"t see the "Home, About Us, Privacy Notice, Site Map, Contact Us" links in the header/footer after the template installation. To add/edit these links you should use EZ-pages in the admin area. More information you can find there:
1. EZ-Pages - What are they and how do they work?
2. EZ-Pages Settings

CS-Cart Templates

I can't get the template appearance the same as on our demo site after the template is installed. Most probably, you need to clear cache of CS-Cart after the template installation. How to do it please read our blog article How to install CS-Cart template.

I see the "Unable to read source:.." error right after the template installation. All our CS-Cart skins contain of the CSS style files only, so they can not be issue of any template or Smarty error. You need to clear cache of your CS-Cart. How to do it please read our blog article How to install CS-Cart template.

Can I replace all the banner images and elements of your themes via admin area? Yes, all the elements, banners and menus can be replaced with your own via CS-Cart admin area. We do not touch any CS-Cart functionality during our themes creation.