CS-Cart Help Desk Connection Addon

CS-Cart Help Desk Addon
  • CS-Cart Help Desk Addon
  • Orders on help desk ticket page
  • The same help desk log in access as your customers have in your CS-Cart store
  • Special contact from with departments and order ID field
  • CS-Cart order communication through help desk system
  • tickets page





CS-Cart addon for connecting the Re:Desk help desk system to CS-Cart store. It is an essential feature to organize an efficient support for the customers of your store. This CS-Cart help desk addon will help you with this purpose perfectly and in the easiest way.

Addon features:

1) Provides the same log in details for the Re:Desk software as your customers have in CS-Cart.
2) Shows the orders and order details inside the ticket page
3) Integrated contact from which directly send the requests to Re:Desk help desk.

With the Re:Desk software connected to your CS-Cart store you will be able to manage the requests of your customers easily through the Re:Desk ticket system, track all your client communications and improve your team work in overall. Multi-channel tickets, staff roles, permissions - all this is made to reduce the workload of your company or team, make the work process clearer and allows to get another level of support providing.