Customer Help Desk Software for Zen Cart

Zen Cart Help Desk Addon Module Plugin
  • Zen Cart Help Desk Addon Module Plugin
  • Orders on help desk ticket page
  • The same help desk log in access as your customers have in your Zen Cart store
  • Special contact from with departments and order ID field
  • Zen Cart order communication through help desk system
  • Help Desk for Zen Cart



Help desk system  for Zen Cart for connecting the Re:Desk plugin to ZenCart store. Customer support solution for your online store on Zen Cart baased websites is a great sofwtare where you can organize all your messages flow - from email, Facebook and Twitter mentions and comments - in one place.  

Help Desk Plugin Features:

1) Provides the same login details for the Re:Desk support software as your customers have in Zen Cart.
2) Shows the orders and order details inside the ticket page
3) Integrated contact from which directly send the requests to Re:Desk help desk tickets.


Manage the requests of your customers easily through the Re:Desk ticketing system, track all your client communications and improve your team work in overall. Multi-channel tickets, staff roles, permissions - all this is made to reduce the workload of your company or team, make the work process clearer and allows to get another level of support providing.