12/01/2013, 21:49

"We required a new design for our cs-cart multivendor based website.

We are very happy about the task:
- fast and in-dept communications;
- amazing design;
- technical service always available.

100% recommended."

11/27/2013, 21:07

"We were looking for an attractive, high-quality zen-cart theme that was easily hackable. eModern did the trick; we've been using this theme for the last 2 years with no problems.

Recently we added the Mobile Zen Cart template to our site alongside the eModern theme. Easy install, works like a charm.

We also were easily able to add plugins like Simple Google Analytics to the themes.

Good job 12leaves!"

09/14/2013, 15:20

"I purchased the mobishop theme and it is fantastic. It is just what I need for my site. Also the customer support is top-notch and helped me with this stupid issue I got myself into.
Awesome products with an awesome staff equals an awesome site."

09/02/2013, 11:10

"This site does a wonderful job. Their mobile template is great. Vlad is very professional and always replied me in time. I like their template and service. Thanks 12leaves.

06/27/2013, 17:01

"I needed a mobile template solution for Zen Cart. I contacted the developers as I had a couple of questions. They were very helpful so I went ahead and purchased their Zen Cart Mobile Template and I'm so glad I did. It is simply superb and very easy to customise. A great product backed up by fantastic support! Thank you!"

06/14/2013, 20:53

"The mobile template was a breeze to install, unlike most other things "zen" related. Had it up and running in less than an hour! Great stuff."

03/21/2013, 04:57

"Thanks so much 12leaves/Pixemus.
I really love ur theme, a lot of customers like it as well!
and thanks for supporting me for this, and if in future, I think of any idea for the template, I will just drop u an email. Cause I am collecting customer feedback too. Really thank you for everything! Very professional & clean design :D"

03/15/2013, 16:00

"I am a customer for years!
Customizations fast, quick installation, problems solved very quickly by e-mail,
Technical service is always available.
I had no problem.
And so reasonably priced!"

02/17/2013, 16:45

"What a great service! I had my theme delivered within minutes of purchase and it was up and running in no time. Even when things were not working perfectly(entirely my fault for not reading the install instructions properly) i received prompt and helpful email support. I cant recommend the team highly enough."

02/16/2013, 00:24

"About 20% visits to my zen cart web site are via mobile, so I was excited to find a mobile mod here that piggy backs right onto my existing site template. It took very little fiddling to accommodate customizations from my cart to this mod. What an improvement for site visitors. And so reasonably priced. Woot woot!"

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